Kim Kardashian In Kanye Says On Oprah’s Show

People all over anxiously awaited a view of the little royal package. All of us saw him but we didn’t know the thing that to call him. I was thinking, “Can you call the kid currently?”. Although, a name is a very crucial choice.

Kim Kardashian and kanye West are happy moms and dads of little North West, however it sounds like it isn’t really everybody who has an interest in seeing little baby North. In reality, it sounds like the one magazine they want to be featured in has no interest in featuring them. Despite the fact that they are apparently going through numerous offers worth a minimum of $3 million, it seems like they are not interested. According to a brand-new Radar Online report released on Aug. 12, Kardashian and her boyfriend have been looking for a magazine that will feature their brand-new infant, and it sounds like they have their eyes set on one magazine.
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