Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Kim Validates Child News On Facebook

The star of Khloe & Lamar, Khloe Kardashian appeared on Watch What Takes place Live last night, and discussed a lot consisting of Kim Kardashian and rap artist Kanye West. The star was inquired about the reports that have been created, and she shared her ideas on the topic.
50 cent likewise initiated a beef with another fantastic artist of our recent generation, kanye West. He boldly stated that he would outsell West or retire from rap. Much interest was brought in and both albums were hits. There have been recent competitions including a few of the top hip jump artist consisting of Jay-Z, Nas and LL Cool J.

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The source included that Kanye’s intent was shown when he announced Kim’s pregnancy on his own after hearing that E! may be attempting to time the statement with the premiere of the Kardashian reality series.
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