Zheng Yuanchang Is The Puma Prince

One of my idol is Zheng Yuanchang, a handsome big boy. Our fans always call him little Joe, which is his nickname. He is a famous star in the youth idol drama. He has played in many good drama, so that his name is well-known to all the people. In the roles he has played, I like Jiang Zhishu most. The TV play is called it started with a kiss. After watching the wonderfull TV play, I call him the Puma prince. You must wanna to know the reasons that I make this nickname for him. Then I will tell you the story.
As is well-known, Yuanchang likes Puma very much. On many occasions of the play, he wears Puma all the time, no matter at home or at school. He seems like sunshine and fashion when he wears those casual cloth. He is so charming that I am fascinated. The play tells such a story that starts with a tricksy kiss. The leading lady is called Xiangqin, who is played by Lin Yichen, as well as a famous young star. Xiangqin is a simple and bright senior high school student. She is fell in love with Jiang Zhishu, who is the leading actor and played by Yuanchang. When Zhishu represents the freshmen making a speech for the begining of school ceremoney, Xiangqin falls in love with the boy at her first sight.
Jiang Zhishu is known as the most clever student in Taiwan. Almost nothing can beat him. It is said that his IQ is above 200. I think he is a super genius abaolutely, just like everything is in his hand. However, the appearance of Xiangqin likes a runaway tornadoes, which change his original life entirely. Under the pushing forward of their friends and parents, the young couple solve a big problem of Zhishu father’s company together. Zhishu accepts Xiangqin’s love and the get into marriage finally.
Zheng Yuanchang not only a player, but also a singer and model. He said he likes PUMA, Adidas, Agnes.b, JPG, John Galliano, and Alexander Mcqueen. The dress style he favors is a T-shirt with a pair of jeans. As a model, he has unique perspective for dress. But we can see that his dress style is simple, just like the sportswear in the TV play started with a kiss.Simple is his dress principle, so it is exactly fit with the style of Puma.
Some of my friends said they love little Joe, then they love PUMA. He is the most handsome man when he wearing PUMA. Later, I know that once Joe was a brand ambassador of PUMA. So there is no doubt that why Joe always dresses PUMA in his TV play. Nowadays, many other young and handsome men to be the new PUMA ambassadors, but in my heart , only Joe is the PUMA price. His perfect figure and sunshine faces show out fashion and sport spirit very well.

Author: mumbaiking

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