Is Jogging Better Than Any Other Sport

I keeps up running every day to be fit.
To my mind, the best way to keep fit is to go running.
Australian researchers said Thursday they had found scientific proof that hi-tech running shoes improve athletic performance or limit injury.
They wrote: “Many of the biomechanical changes we found when step rate increased are similar to those observed when running barefoot or with minimalist footwear.”
BUT Many medical experts disagree. The result is a debate that pits a quirky band of barefoot runners and researchers against the running-shoe and sports medicine establishments.
Lane cautions that if you have suffered a knee injury, especially one that required surgery, running can actually increase your risk of knee arthritis. So can routinely running really fast at a five- or six-minute-mile pace or running in a marathon. Lane’s best advice? Running in moderation, at an eight- to 10-minute mile pace, for about 40 minutes a day.
But if people are more than 20 pounds overweight, Lane says they shouldn’t start off with an intense running regimen.
“I have them walk and walk until they’re to a point where I think their body mass is reduced enough that it won’t traumatize their joints,” she says. Otherwise, significantly overweight joggers run the risk of that extra weight stressing the knee to the point of inflammation, the formation of bony spurs and accelerated cartilage loss.
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What can you put on your running shoes to run better in snow and ice?

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